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Homeowners frequently contact real estate brokers because of their broad experience because listing is a daunting proposition. Unfortunately, a real estate agent’s services come at a steep cost that goes well beyond the high commissions. Consider the profitability of the conventional listing approach of home sales for a second if your property isn’t in prime shape or you’re in a rush to sell. Continue reading as we discuss the top five expenses associated with working with a Kissimmee real estate agent.


Be prepared for an open-ended time when working with a Kissimmee real estate agent, during which you’ll be in charge of any holding costs or ongoing monthly expenses until the property is sold. Your revenues are further reduced each month, and you are still in charge of upkeep and repairs in case additional damage develops. Unfortunately, working with purchasers who need to meet mortgage requirements or buyers who pull out following inspections doesn’t always go as planned. You may need to relist as a result. In contrast, experienced property buyers like those at Ace Home Offer work with the force of cash and offer you a definite closing date, usually expressed in days. When Hiring a Kissimmee Real Estate Agent  

Prep and Repairs

You should be aware that if a home isn’t move-in ready and you hire a Kissimmee real estate agent, you’ll be responsible for the out-of-pocket costs to increase the curb appeal and draw buyers to the door. If not, you can anticipate your listing to sit on the market for a while since most buyers prefer properties they can move into right away. On the odd chance that they can greatly profit from doing the task themselves, they might, nevertheless, make you an insultingly low offer. Sellers of distressed houses frequently find the process of negotiating the price with this type of buyer to be highly insulting because of the emotional investment we make in our homes. If you don’t make the repairs, you can also be confronted with a barrage of contingencies or demands for credit to complete the work at exorbitant prices. However, if you sell to a reputable home buyer like Ace Home Offer, who buys Kissimmee properties in as-is condition for cash, you can avoid cleaning up and making repairs.


Professional photographers and drone videographers are among the marketing expenses you may anticipate when working with a Kissimmee real estate agent. These services are now considered normative. Unfortunately, online shoppers just scroll past postings with poor photography, which is bad news for sellers who try to sell as FSBOs or for sale by owners. When you sell your house directly to experienced home buyers like those at Ace Home Offer, you may put your money away and disregard all worries about the cost of marketing.


Professional stagers are aware of how to use colors, empty space, and furniture placement to set the stage for buyers to picture themselves residing in the property. Another price you may anticipate from working with a real estate agent in Kissimmee who employs this tactic to boost profits by up to 5% is staging costs. The costs of storing your additional junk and any decor that strongly represents your interests or personality may also need to be covered. Additionally, they can mandate that you acquire a storage space for your bulkier furnishings, which can make rooms look smaller. However, you can skip the hassles and work of keeping everything spotless and showing your home when you sell directly to professional home buyers like those at Ace Home Offer.

Commissions and Closing

You may anticipate all of these expenditures when working with a Kissimmee real estate agent, and they can range greatly, possibly amounting to up to 10% of the house sale price in your expenses. It’s also not unusual for sellers to cover closing costs for purchasers. On the other hand, if you sell your property directly to experienced home buyers like those at Ace Home Offer, you won’t have to pay any commissions or closing charges. Additionally, Ace Home Offer contracts never contain hidden costs, so the amount we propose is exactly the amount you will get at closure. Why incur the expenses and experience the stress of working with a Kissimmee real estate agent? At Ace Home Offer, our professional house purchasers are neighborhood investors who are passionate about supporting our community. The experienced home buyers at Ace Home Offer provide a fast, simple, and fair alternate that helps you save both time and money. You will be able to compare our offer to what your house would sell for on the MLS using the numbers you will hold in your hands. You can be confident you’ll feel good about the deal long after closing because at Ace Home Offer, our goal is to help you make an educated decision about selling for the most profit.

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