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Property sales in Florida has been on the increase from 2016 till date, however, while some make twice the actual price it was bought, some get below average.Now, there are factors responsible for that; the most important one is Time. Florida faces sales fluctuation during different seasons of the year but sales activity increases every year.

That is why it is important to know what time of the year you should sell your property, so you wouldn’t run at loss.Currently, the highest sales activity in South Florida occurs during the first two quarters of a year while the lowest occurs in the last quarter of a year.When you want to sell your home, there are other factors you should consider before selling them. Most of them depend on your current situation.

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If you are interested in just selling without regard for profit or loss, you can sell at any time of the year.However, if you would like to make profit and gain more than the actual price you bought it in the first place, consider the following;

  1. Type of Property

The type of property you are willing to sell is of maximum significance; you could put you warehouse, family house or vacation home for sale.For instance, for someone who would love to sell a family house, you are most likely to get buyers towards the fall.Most families moving to a new area would love to get a place before school starts for their kids by fall. Also, if you want to sell your vacation home, an appropriate time to do that is during winter or spring.

However, if your vacation home is just an investment, time and seasons do not matter, you would only get an investment return.Therefore, the type of property you are willing to put up for sale is important with respect to time and seasons.

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  1. What are Buyers interested in?

Since seasons have influence on demand for property; the higher the temperature, the higher the sales or the warmer it is, the higher the number of potential buyers.For the sale of a vacation home, most buyers come in before summer months so their families can enjoy summer holidays with comfort.

For another vacation type like a beach or golf course, property wouldn’t be sold during the last quarter of the year, buyers will be more interested sooner than that in order to avoid the cold.

  1. Vacancy of Property.

If your property is vacant, then the best time to sell is Now! For a vacant property, you would be paying for tax, insurance, maintenance; all which are additional costs different from the selling value of your property.So, don’t wait on a particular season of the year before you sell your property. A vacant property is the easiest to sell and you don’t have to be scared of making losses, sales is fairly consistent all through the year.

In conclusion, you can sell your property any time of the year i.e. Spring, Summer, Winter, each of this only have their season-market value.It also depends on the type of property you are willing to sell and how much you want to make from the sale.

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