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A home inspector is a qualified professional who is trained to examine the conditions of a Tampa house. A home inspector is generally hired by the buyer. The seller should make sure the Tampa house is in excellent condition before trying to sell it. Getting a home inspector is a critical requirement to an escrow when buying a new structure or a resale. An inspector report is well detailed and creates a foundation to let the seller make repairs, to lower the sale price or to withdrawal from the buying or to proceed to the buying of the Tampa house. Below are some of the uniform standards a house inspector checks.

What Do Home Inspectors Look For In a Tampa House?

What Do Home Inspectors Look For In a Tampa House



The inspector will check for any faults in items like broken glass seals; garage door is also tested if they are manual or electronic. Damaged tread steps, settlement and decking cracks should also be repaired. The house structure and especially the walls are checked to ensure there is no burden to future additional maintenance costs.

The roof

The Inspector ensures the overall integrity of the roof is met by checking elements that can lead to ceiling drips like defects in flashing, shingles or fascia. They also check for a fault in chimneys, skylines, and detached gutter. Trees branches touching the house can cause damage to the home during a storm or rodents can enter the Tampa house using the passages.

HVAC (Heating Ventilation And Cooling) System.

All the presently installed system are tested by running them to confirm they are functioning. Tampa house inspectors check the thermostatic controls of air conditioners and heaters. The chimney should be sound.  Attic sneak space protection and vapor retarders are observed.

Plumbing System

They look for any plumbing leaks in the toilets, sinks, bathtubs, faucets or outdoors. Water inlets and outlet are examined, the drainage systems are also checked for any indication of leakage, a deposit of minerals or the use of appropriate filtering apparatus. The Inspector checks around the house systematically to make sure all the plumping systems are functioning correctly.


The entire electrical components in a Tampa house are inspected to ensure they are functioning safely. The inspector makes sure everything is working by checking if there is an overloaded circuit breaker, a faulty connection or overrated fuses.

Interior appliances

The interior appliances include Windows, floor, counters, cabinetry, stairways, and doors. House inspector should note any item that is not functioning. All other interior appliances inbuilt in the house should also be examined. In the basement, they look at the walls, floor, and foundation and there should be no sign of water damage or interference.


A Tampa house inspector checks for both major and minor issues like; building failure, to identify issues that may need maintenance or could resort to the main problem in future. Mostly the matters they cover helps a buyer to prognosis their investment plan which is very important when it comes to finding the right home. However, the home inspector does not cover or check areas like swimming pools, toxic mold, pest control, lead paint, asbestos, or radon gas. If you are trying to get the good buyer then you need to make sure that a home you have staged your home perfectly. You can take help from the staging companies. These companies can help you to stage your home. This way you can get a good offer at your Tampa home.

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