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Things to do before putting house on the market

Whenever a decision of selling a house is taken, the seller expects to make a hassle-free and profitable deal. This is can be materialized by keeping a few points in mind, before initiating the selling process. The following some steps before sell your house.

  • Exterior and Interior Paints

A clutter-free house with soothing exterior and interior paints can make it appealing. Removing personal items and keeping them in a separate storage unit instead of stuffing up everything in the closet lets the buyers visualize the highlighted features of the house easily.

  • Some Basic Repair:

Basic repairs must not be skipped as it could raise issues during the inspection and alter the buyer’s motive to buy the property instantly or let a stipulated period to complete the repair work before initiating the purchase.

A modest investment in remodeling the house or offering at a discounted rate can be negotiated letting the buyer decide how to remodel it.
A poorly lit home creates a negative impression on the buyers as they give a feeling of depression. Brightening the room with natural and artificial lighting makes it appear larger and gives the buyers a neutral experience.

  • Plan a Reasonable Pricing in Advance:

A reasonable pricing can enable fast selling of a house which can be efficiently done by a real estate agent. It is essential to choose him on basis of his experience. This saves both time and money because the agent has proper knowledge of the current market, so he can set a reasonable price. Setting a higher listing price might prove to be disastrous, repelling buyers, delaying the process.

Agents handle lots of work like setting appointments, making calls, tracking buyer details and the most tedious paperwork, making the process smoother for the seller as well as the buyer.

  • Use Internet to sell your house

Technology has enabled people to search properties online, where they seek out for alluring options.

Quality images of well-lit interiors urge buyers to take a tour of the house and increase its chances of being sold fast.

Selling the home at the right time, like in spring, can urge persons with their family to take a tour of the home and smoothly shift during the summer break of their children.

The house must be listed on all major online platforms availing their premium services for extensive advertisement Like Zillow, Realtor. Looking out for distant relatives and friends, advertising on social media platform like Facebook, reaching the target customers through print media like the newspaper, marking the house as open for sale is essential to attract the attention of localities.
Sharing ample information regarding the location advantage of the house, like safety, ease of access to public transport, schools, recreational parks, shopping malls, hospitals. Continuous availability of basic amenities like water, electricity supply and the entire fixture in good working condition makes the home lucrative for the buyers and increases its chances of being sold fast.

A flexible timing for the visit of prospective customers and leaving visitors to tour the house without following so that they feel free to visualize their dream home.A regular follow -up is essential after the customers visit the house.
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  • Focus on Inspection Requirements:

Focusing on inspection requirements is a must if the buyer is going to avail a loan. All paperwork related to the property transfer as well as proof of purchases made previously, property tax receipts and major installations must be kept ready, to fasten the process.

Conveyancing, which is the legal transfer of property from one person to another includes drafting the contract and applying for title deeds, must not be kept undone till the last moment

  • Secure & Maintain

If your property wants major repairs, purchaser these are taken care of before you look to tempt prospective consumers. Ensure your home will pass inspections with flying colors. Don’t neglect smaller things, like substitution fixtures, fixing holes, locks on windows or leaky faucets.

Maintain your field, garden, and shrubs. Keep the field watered and plant some flowers. It’s the main points that always create or break a home.

  • Hide Every item which shows your personality in house:

What you are trying to do here is sell your house to someone else that is why you need to make them feel like their house it is not yours anymore.

Don’t leave children’s toys and pet belongings come in the open throughout showings and open homes. Additionally believe wherever you’ll be able to store things like dirty linen and dirty kitchen sponges.

Arguably the foremost vital step before marketing your property is having the ability to bid it farewell and now not see it as a home. By using all mentioned points you can take care of the whole house selling matter easily. Providing attractive offers along with the basic ones like credit towards closing cost can make the property more lucrative among the similar ones.


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