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So what if this makes me a property snoop? – Property is one of the investment everyone would wish to have considering that real estate is the upcoming and biggest investment one can have. Before arriving at the exact type of project to invest in real estate, the majority of homeowners prefer to go around doing their research.

A quite good number of them take their research online while others go around snooping the beautiful apartments and Real estate projects so that they may make up their mind. So if it makes you be property snoopers, ten there some aspects which you should consider.


So What If This Makes Me a Property Snoop?


  • Accessibility of the area and proximity to significant services is something crucial. Every ideal apartment should be accessible more especially by roads and even air means. So what if this makes me a property snoop?, if the property is located far from the main road network, you should consider the proximity to such services. Other supportive services such as banking and recreational facilities such as beaches and the banking system and excellent shopping one-stop malls are some factors to consider. In conjunction with this, if you are thinking to have a commercial apartment, then a constant supply of basics commodities of safe and clean water, power and communication network.


  • Having considered such fundamental then the noble task should be locating the property of your choice regarding design and style. Every property has that distinct feature which makes it unique from the other. So what if this makes me a property snoop? you may be looking for a modern kitchen or bathroom. Ensure you snoop around the modest and the trendy design concerning material used and colour. For a kitchen, evaluate the countertops, cabinetry to worktops which mostly attract homebuilders. If you are for the commercial property, then go for the one with quartz worktops and granite due to the mass number of people you will expecting day in day out. In terms of bathroom, go for the one with the modest tubs which enhance relaxation and comfort.


  • The mode of lighting another factor to consider. Depending on significant activities, chose the light which perfectly matches with the activity. It can be an accent or under countertops lighting because or overhead lighting to the island in the kitchen. The furniture used in the property should match with the colour themes of the general home. The comfort of the furniture should be of great importance because you may host different visitors some who have special needs. If is an official place then the suitability and the level of maintenance should be considered. Every furniture should serve the purpose it was intended for with little modelling or repair.


  • A decent property is eyed for if its roofing and wall painting are the trendiest around. So what if this makes me a property snoop?, The wall painting should consist of more than three different colours which don’t colour-clash. Majority homeowners prefer golden cream or tile red which should ideally match with the paintings on the roof. It by any chance the home has not considered perfect matching of colours locate another property.


The landscape of the property cannot go without being mentioned. The surrounding of the home should have a decent lawn and an orchard which balances the ecosystem. The pavements within the home should be well maintained. There should be no leaves or unnecessary grass growing alongside the pathways. Don’t forget the gate which fortifies the security for every occupant. You can consider rollup gate or roll away which are mostly recognized for commercial areas.

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