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Is It Worth Renovating a House Before Selling – Like any goods or property being put up for sale, sellers may want to keep their house looking presentable at all times. This increases the chance of impressing potential buyers with a well-maintained home. Looking after the façade and interiors of the home is one of the most basic steps a seller can take before or while listing their property.

But the degree of renovation and fixing the home often makes the sellers question “should I renovate my house before selling”? The answer depends on many variables. First one is the budget. Some sellers need to sell Coral Gables house fast and might not have time and money to even change wallpapers. But if you’re in the hot market and has some cash to spend, you might want to beautify your home and expect some return of investment in the long run.

Is It Worth Renovating a House Before Selling


Where to sell

Hot seller’s markets almost always include homes and properties that typically gets away with little cosmetic retouches. However, for slow-moving buyer’s markets, buyers may be more particular and you may want your property to stand out more.

Major Renovation

First off, you must determine if you need a major makeover or just a minor brush-up. Is it worth renovating a house before selling the following are some instances that might require an overhaul. Keep in mind that it is best to weight the cost of renovation against market value to see how much money can still return to you even after the overhaul and the deed.

Holes in the Wall

Walls may make or break the interior of your home. Make sure there are no holes or there are no termites present on the nooks. If not holes, then check for water or leak marks that stain the walls (which may signify other underlying problems like pipeline issues or substandard wall material).

Leaks and Faulty Faucets

Kitchens and bath rooms are important for buyers to inspect. Some may now want to pay extra for leakages or broken faucets so it is best to keep these in check.

Heat or electricity issues

Is it worth renovating a house before selling, this is also another major thing that cannot be overlooked when dealing with buyers who are looking for a moveable house. If the house has been left alone for long, make sure plugs and sockets work.

Minor Tweaks

Minor brush ups can be done for the purpose for the purpose of aesthetics. Ideally, this does not incur much cost.

Paint Job

A change in wallpaper or a new layer of paint may make the overall feel of the home be good as new.


Weeding out wild plants and replacing them with floral ones may also add aesthetic points to your home.

No Renovation

Is it worth renovating a house before selling, should you have little to no budget to do any renovation, the next course of action is pricing the home to a lower price point. This way, it can still look attractive to buyers ready to buy a property and overhaul it themselves.

If you feel your home is  good enough as it is, then little to no tweaks is needed as long as you are confident on how it looks on photos or in person.

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