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Selling a House FSBO vs. Realtor

When selling your house, you aim at plowing adequate money from your house. However, it can be quite hard to make the decision whether to Selling a House FSBO vs. Realtor. In this article, you will see the pros and cons of selling your house via the above methods. This will guide you in choosing the method that suits you best thus you get to gain the most from your house sale.

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Selling your house direct

Many people assume that selling their houses personally plows them quite some money and is the best. Well, this is not the situation all of the times. This is because finding buyers is also a hard task and pricing your house is also a hard task. However, selling your house direct has its advantages too. Some of this advantages have been listed below…Selling a House FSBO vs. Realtor


  • When selling your house directly you get to set the pricing and market your house. This saves you the money you would have used to get a real estate agent.
  • Also, you get to negotiate the price with customers thus no fear of being exploited by agents.
  • Selling your house personally allows you to schedule your time thus buyers get to view the house at your convenience. This ensures that neither you nor the buyer has to change their schedule to view the house.


  • One major disadvantage of selling your house direct is that there is no competition. This leads to your house going for a much lesser price as buyers don’t get to bid for it.
  • Also, marketing of your house is quite a hard task. This is because getting a place to find several buyers at once can prove to be a hard task.
  • Also, getting through the process of selling your house can be quite a headache as it’s something new to you. If you are on a tight schedule, you might disadvantage buyers as they don’t get to view the house at their convenience.


Selling your house via realtors

Well, getting a realtor is something you might put into consideration. Although you spend some amount of cash hiring a realtor, you will find it worth to get one. Getting a known realtor ensures that you rip the most from hiring a realtor. Among the benefits you rip from having a realtor is;

Selling a House FSBO vs. Realtor


  • One factor that many people down look is the fact that realtors go a long way in helping with pricing. This due to the fact that they have been on the market for quite some time thus they easily set a good price.
  • Also, realtors save you time thus you can handle other businesses of yours without being stopped by house sales. With a realtor, buyers can view the house at their convenience without having you at the house.
  • What you cannot argue, is the fact that realtors have wider markets compared to the one you can reach. This due to the fact that it’s their profession thus a ready market of buyers. Knowing this, you are sure that your house does not stay on sale for long durations of time.
  • Agents help you negotiate for your house thus you don’t sell it at a very low price. When dealing your own house, you may end up selling house at a loss due to desperation. With an agent, however, the price stated does not drop as they are good at negotiations.
  • Agents also ensure you that you will get paid. This is unlike when your house is for sale by owner as you may end up debiting your buyer thus hassle getting your cash.


  • Well, getting a realtor will surely cost you some pennies. Unlike in for sale by owner situations you will have to pay someone to sell your house.
  • Some realtors in the market might exaggerate money for repair thus costing you more. However, getting a trusted realtor will avoid you being conned your money.

While selling your home, you should consider the ease of getting market and your availability. If you can easily find a market and avail yourself when needed for sale by owner is the way to go. However, if you need a professional touch in the sale of your house, hiring a well-known realtor is a major gain.


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