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Sell Your House In 7 Days – Planning to sell your house ? It must be very hard for you not to mention the feelings of emotional attachment. But decidedly, as you go on with the selling, here are steps of day to day plan to get your house ready for sale. Here is a 6 days simple plan for you to preparing house for sale

How TO Sell Your House In 7 Days


Day 1: Clean House & Change Light Bulbs: Clean, wax, polish and light up your house.

Day 2: Prepare & Ready All Papers: Be sure that papers are ready without problems – Title and other documents must be clear and authenticated. Bills like water light, tax and other utility bills must be tackled and prepared for inquiry.

Day 3: Prepare All Necessary Things: Prepare to have boxes, plastics, and bags to fill all your things and belongings ready to move on to your other house.

Day 4: Make an Extra Key set: Be sure to have extra keys. One duplicates for buyers and the original for you. If all goes well, surrender all the keys to the new owner.

Day 5: De-clutter, organize Room: List all the furnishings and appliances that will be retained so as to add them to the full price of the house, and then take Photos of the house in good and angle perspective.

Day 6: Advertise Everywhere: Advertise and put it in the market

How Do You Present Your House For Sale?

Discuss below are some tips on how to present your house for sale.

Make an improvement of your Landscape:

Sell Your House In 7 Days

Sell Your House In 7 Days – The lawn is the first place that catches the eye of the buyers, makes some improvements like, mowing the grass to perfect cuts, weed the garden and plants more green and flowery plants around making a good pathway from the gate to the entrance of your house.

Be sure to clean the outside and pathways: – Sell Your House In 7 Days

Make sure the path is not sloppy, clean and scratch all the mounds that cling to the cemented ways. Clean and wash all the gutters and exterior iron railings of the house and the fence.

Make minor repairs:

Guide to prepare your house for saleLeak pipes, broken windows, and doors must be repaired; buyers really turn off with a house with lots of repairs to do.Repaint the faded paint of the whole house, starting from the entrance to the main house making it attractive.Make an order of things inside the house- things in the house that keep in order are pleasant to see, buyers can vision their own things on where and how to keep them.

Clean and organized the drawers and cabinets:

Make an appearance of orderliness. Sorts things according to their use and sizes and place them in every drawer for easy to find. Make the inside clean and shine ceilings must be free of cobwebs and dust; floors must look clean, shine, and sparkling. Spray, sanitize and deodorize the whole house – spray insecticides to eliminate insect from the house, put toilet deodorizer in every toilet, and have an air freshener inside the house to smell good and enticing.

What Do You Need To Do To Sell Your Home?

Before marketing your house, understand first some reminders that you need to do. Remember that every market is different in accordance with the site, size and quality of the house.

Let someone from the office of the Housing Authority or from the Fire Sell Your House In 7 Days department inspect your house. Have a ready plan for Marketing, if you want to be your agent or hire an agent. Check-in for any relocation company that will help you to transfer in case the house sold out. Understand and set your price

How to Be Your Own Real Estate Agent

To market your own house is a practical decision, you can have the commission intended for a sales agent, and can explain full details of your house. Here are some ways sell your house without an Agent.

    1. Make of fix price of your house, but be open for adjustment.
    2. Know what the selling points of your house, like if it is near the mall or school or etc.
    3. Hang a “House for Sale” in front of your house.
    4. Prepare to have a show or a touring party of your house
    5. Post it on your own website and share to friends and relatives.
    6. Conduct and perform formal and proper negotiations with prospective buyers.
    7. What Is The Associated Costs Of Your House?

The Cost of the House

  • Commission for the real agent
  • Taxes, including transfer and Capital gain
  • Warranty for the new owner
  • Moving Cost.

Preparing house for sale is a task you and you alone can make it on the market, for you are the sole owner and know so well what to do and what to not to do. Suggestions and reminders above are just a contribution for you to know how to make your house ready to sell. Read this topic in depth

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