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Selling your home in Washington Dc is an easy and convenient way to sell your house since you don’t have to list your house with any real estate brokerages. In Washington Dc selling your house requires no special permits or licenses you only require legal requirements which is just a convenient way and you also don’t undergo huge losses.

Legal requirements in selling a house by owner in Washington Dc.

Legal requirements are important before selling your house and the following are some of the steps to follow in selling a house by owner in Washington Dc

    1. Familiarize yourself first with fair housing act which prohibits any discrimination based on race, color, handicap or even national origin. Fair housing act is a federal law and applies in Washington Dc.
    2. Get a Washington State approved purchased contract which you will use when someone makes an offer to buy the house.

Get a Washington State approved property disclosure statement and fill it and will you will give a copy to a buyer who contractually agrees to buy your house.

How To Sell A House By Owner In Washington Dc

Process Of Selling A House By Owner In Washington Dc

Before setting up a notice to sell the house ensure that you do all repairs required in order to attract buyers by fixing major damages in the house this includes repainting the house and buying necessary appliances that are damaged.

Make sure that the house does not have anything that will devalue your property. After doing all repairs call a professional licensed appraiser or you can even look for a real estate agent to give you a market analysis on how to value your property.

Do not overprice the house look for a good price based on either the price of nearby houses which are of the same size as yours.

How to Market Your House in Washington Dc

    • Put the house on advertisement platforms like the print media such as local FSBO publications and the newspaper and also include your contact details and state the positive things about the house like how big and location.

Put the listing of the house on local for sale by owner FSBO websites and ensure you also have a photo gallery to just interest the buyers and also include your contact details for interested candidates to contact you.

You can also do house opening occasions where you can let people looking for houses come and view the house and this offers the buyers to see the good attributes of the house and may even become a competition among the buyers on who will buy the house and may even make you sell the house on the highest paying buyer.

Selling a house by owner in Washington Dc is the best way since you are not faced with real estate company who sell your house on your behalf and at the end, you don’t get the real value of your house. Selling your house on your own may lead you to getting buyers who are willing to pay more for the house. Buyers also have come to trust owners who sell their houses on their own since house buying companies have now had fraud cases of buyers being conned into houses that they are to buy.

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