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We offer these five tips to help you sell a house in Clearwater after losing a loved one. It’s difficult to consider selling a house when you’re already struggling with the emotional loss of a loved one, but circumstances frequently force you to do so. If you no longer live at home, you may find it simpler to heal emotionally.


After losing a loved one, staging can help you sell a house in Clearwater. Any personal belongings, collections, or images that show a sense of ownership should be removed. Buyers will be turned off if they get the impression that the house already belongs to someone else, so make it as impersonal as possible. Working with Ace Home Offer means you can just pack what you want to take with you and leave the rest behind; you don’t even have to clean.

Tips to Help You Sell a House in Clearwater

Cosmetic Fixes

Touching up aesthetic defects is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to help you sell a house in Clearwater following the death of a loved one. Filling up cracks and applying a fresh coat of paint, for example, can refresh the home’s exterior and make it more appealing to potential purchasers.

You should also address any obvious small faults that buyers would notice, such as worn flooring or obsolete appliances. If you’d rather not deal with the hassles of selling your house in Clearwater and preparing for showings, a direct buyer from Ace Home Offer will pay you a reasonable price and let you to move on with your life.


Another stage is to finish any major repairs, which will help you sell a house in Clearwater at top market value after the death of a loved one. Request an estimate of how long the repairs will take so you can figure out how much longer you’ll be liable for holding the property. If the renovations will make living in the house difficult and you can make other arrangements, it may be preferable to move before the sale to avoid the dust and noise. If you can’t afford the repairs or don’t want to live in a dusty environment, selling your property as-is to Ace Home Offer could be the best option.


After losing a loved one, setting the price right from the start will help you sell a house in Clearwater. However, while you may have an emotional sense of worth for your home, this does not convert into a reasonable asking price. If you set the price too high, savvy online buyers will simply scroll past it, knowing how much house they can get for the same amount of money.

Overpriced homes also have a tendency to sit on the market for a long time before selling for a pittance. To help you make the best decision, a professional investor like those at Ace Home Offer will explain how they calculated the offer and advise you on what you would gain by selling through a standard listing.

Ace Home Offer is here to assist you. After losing a loved one, the experienced specialists at Ace Home Offer understand how difficult it can be to sell a home in Clearwater. As a result, at Ace Home Offer, we take the time to listen to all of your issues. Our aim at Ace Home Offer is to provide solutions that will assist you get the greatest money for your home when you sell it.


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