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Preparing Your Home For Sale Checklist

You have made the big decision to sell your home which can be both exciting and stressful. This article will help you Sell your home faster and increase the sale price at the same time. To get your home ready for sale these tips will help smooth the way and take some of the stress out of the process. Keep reading below to learn all the tricks.

Taking The First Steps

This is the time to do the heavy lifting and lay the ground work for getting your house sold!

  • Before listing make sure that everything in your home is in good working order. Preparing your home for sale checklist, this ensures that potential buyers see you have taken loving care of your home.Things that should be fixed are: cracks in walls, broken/loose tiles, broken faucets, and leaky toilets. Hire a handy man if there is work you feel you can’t do yourself.
  • Think curb appeal – remember first impressions count. From the curb to the front door does your home look cared for, organized and clean. Think fresh paint, trimmed grass, keeping an eye for presentation.
  • Give your home a deep clean – a spotless fresh smelling home that sparkles will stand out to a potential buyer. Clean all surfaces thoroughly, making sure not to leave any streaks. Go through your home with an eye for detail. Are there any dirty dishes in the sink? Put them away. Ensure dirty laundry is out of sight. Empty all garbage containers.


Preparing Your Home For Sale Checklist


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Ironing out the Details

Preparing your home for sale checklist, now you are ready to move on to the smaller detailed work, though it is just as important!

  • Decluttering will help the buyer to see the house itself and to be able to picture themselves in the space. As well as making the house look more spacious. Decluttering can be done with simple tasks. Some examples are: moving shoes and jackets from entrance ways, moving small appliances from kitchen counters, removing makeup and hair styling tools from bathroom counters and putting them in cupboards.
  • When Selling your home you want to make it easy for people to picture themselves living in that space. To Depersonalize a space start by removing things such as family photos, magnets on the fridge, and children’s toys to name a few.
  •  One of the first thing buyers notice when they walk into a home will be scent. Of course you want your home to smell fresh but it’s important to steer away from overpowering air fresheners. Most people will link strong perfume smells with something being masked, for example smoke or worse; a musty smell. 

Going the Extra Mile

If you really want that competitive edge here the important next step to take!

  • A great tool can be to hire a home stager. Their training allows them to optimally showcase your home,drawing attention to all of its amazing features. Ahome stager can make a room look welcoming and show its potential to prospective buyers.

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