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Oceanfront houses for sale in Port Royal Plantation – Hilton Head is located in the state of South Carolina and within it is the Port Royal. This area was established in 1968, and it is popularly known for its golf courses and Atlantic Ocean beaches. The Port Royal also has a lot of history, and it was once a Naval site during the civil war. It is home to both Fort Sherman and Fort Walker which were used as a gathering point for Confederate soldiers during the war.

Oceanfront houses for sale in Port Royal Plantation


What Port Royal Plantation offers:

The port is now a town which is located between the Battery Creek and the Beaufort River. Oceanfront houses for sale in Port Royal Plantation it is a planned residential estate community built along the ocean up to where the Atlantic oceans join up with the Port Royal Sound. The residents have a nice view of the Atlantic Ocean, and the Port Royal offers a beach house which is used by residents for private occasions.

Port Royal Plantation offers private oceanfront houses properties with exclusive access for residents and their guest to the seaside beaches. Visitors receive guest passes to access the plantation. The plantation has no commercial properties past the town’s suburban security gates, and short-term rentals are not allowed. The gated suburban offers around the clock security administered by the Property Owners Association.

The port has experienced tremendous growth over the years which has contributed to the renewal of the mixed-use core, historical and traditional renovation of historical sites and homes, expansion of the town’s schools and the infill of the residential houses. Port Royal is acknowledged as among America’s top leaders in new urbanism of small towns.


Port Royal Amenities.

Oceanfront houses for sale in Port Royal Plantation enjoy access to the town’s natural and serene environment through its observation tower, community beach, walking trails and boardwalk. The residents also enjoy access to amenities such as golf, tennis, an arboretum, farm, pools, historical sites, fishing farms, fenced baby pools, and an Olympic size pool. Outside the gates of the residential neighborhood, the Westin Resort lies on the Oceanfront 24 acre land. It offers a racquet club, croquet courts, and golf courses.

The plantation presents residents with the chance to join many of their community organizations and clubs. You can choose from the wine and dine club, exercise group, art group, tennis club, coffee ladies, afternoon bridge, evening bridge, whippersnapper and much more social events. You can also utilize the high farm beds available which are easily manageable and sufficient for the usual radish, tomatoes, pepper, cucumber, and herb plants.


School facilities available.

Families relocating to the Port Royal Plantation with their children have various options for schools to best suit their school choices. The schools available on the port include Hilton Head Christians school, Hilton Head Heritage Academy, Hilton Head Middle School, Hilton Head Elementary School, Hilton Head High School, St Francis Catholic School, and Hilton Head Preparatory School. The plantation has a fun playground located next to the pool for children who prefer playing on the swings.


If you looking to buy oceanfront houses for sale in Port Royal Plantation, Hilton Head, SC then makes sure that you have done all the research that it needs. This is a very important decision to check all the facilities and problems like the crime rate in the area before making any final decision.

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