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When discussing taxes, it depends on the state’s tax jurisdictions of the state that whether the tax should be levied or not.

Ownership of Rental Property

If I Sell A Rental Property Is It Taxable? – Same is the case with the ownership of rental property and the tax related to it. With many advantages such as providing a sustainable amount of monthly or annual profit and covering the mortgage, if the right profit is chosen. However, when the property gets sold, it surely faces setbacks to the owner. If there is an intention to sell out a rental property, there will be a levy of capital gain taxes.


Capital gain tax is incurred whenever an asset (property) is sold on a profit, and has short term or long term timeline. Short term is generally a time period of a year or less. Similarly, Long term is defined as a time period of more than a year in general. When in terms of property, if the gain was incurred for a year or less then it is the short term gain and if it the gain is sustained for a year or more then it is a long term gain.

If I Sell A Rental Property Is It Taxable?


With the perks of a rental property in mind, it costs anyone who wills to sell it. As mentioned earlier, it will enable Capital Gain tax to be levied on the profit gained throughout. It results in a serious tax-bite, which totally depends on the gain collected from the sale.


If I sell a rental property is it taxable? a way that works out in reducing tax exposure when selling a  property is by tax loss harvesting. This is the idea of diversification, that is; to equalize the profit on the sale with different investments in other businesses.


Mostly, people apply this idea at the year-end to cut out the value they receive from stock gains, but this can also be applied in the rental estate and property. That is due to the government’s leverage they provide whenever profits are paired with losses, lowering the amount of tax payment to the government.


Swapping Property

Another way of cutting out taxes or reducing them is by swapping a property for another. If I sell a rental property is it taxable?, this is a complicated strategy known as deferred exchange; that lets a person to sell out a property and then purchase another one or any other alike replacement to that property. Alike replacement can be termed as a term with broad meaning.


One cannot simply sell a property a switch it with another one or shift one business to another. The main feature is that property offers a rental gain and purpose of rent. Any personal residence, holiday home or other property does not count in it.


If I sell a rental property is it taxable? in these kinds of cases, the time to take the right decision is what matters most. Only 45 days from the sale of a property, Potential replacement are identified and must be closed within a time frame of 180 days for replacement. Missing out the tax deadlines, results in a levy of taxes on the sale of the real rental property.


In the conclusion, a rental property is totally taxable depending on several factors mentioned above. There are also some ways to reduce the levy of taxes.

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