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Losing a house in the case of fire can be such a stressful experience where one loses priceless possession such as memories made in the house. To sell the house will be the best choice so as to continue with life. You can sell as the house is or you can repair it and sell it to a real estate investor or an interested buyer.

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Importance of Selling Fire-Damaged House

Brings with it the peace of mind that comes after knowing that the fire ordeal is behind you.
Making a fresh start and making new decisions in life.
Leads to financial satisfaction after selling a Vancouver house.
After the fire, do an inspection of the damaged house but find a professional inspector who will state the extent the house was destroyed. To repair the house yourself may save a lot of money but looking for bids to repair the house may result in better price listings of the house.

Process to repair the house

In repairing the house you can either repair it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you but first:

  • Seek advice from a professional contractor or look for bids to repair the house.
  • If you have an insurance cover the insurance company may offer financial help in repairing of the home.
  • If you are doing the repair yourself you may first begin by removing furniture or cabinets since the smoke stains walls behind them. Use protective wear depending on chemicals used in cleaning the house.
  • Inspect for any safety check that includes electricity malfunctioning or even pipework or insulation. It is advisable to hire a professional for better results since someone may not notice easily.

If repairing the house will be a major problem due to finances you can sell the house as is and move on.

Benefits of Selling The House As Is

Selling the house as is after the fire may be the best decision to make since it will:

  • Save money by repairing the house
  • It will save on the time in repairing then looking for a buyer.
  • May also save on the hassles by the municipal and also inspections that will be done before and after repairs.
  • If you don’t have homeowner’s insurance it will be the best choice.
  • If the damage is severe it will also be the best decision.

What Next after Repairs Are Done

  • After doing all the repairs of the house and after the safety check you should therefore;
  • Get an appraiser to evaluate the house since it will help in stating how much to sell the house.
  • Be honest with the buyer or real estate agent that the house had a fire damage
  • Also, state the positive attributes of the house may encourage a buyer to buy.
  • Make sure to deal with a real estate agent who is trustworthy to avoid losses.
  • Try to sell the house as soon as possible to avoid the house to depreciate in value.

These are some of things which you can do if you want to sell your fire damaged home. It’s not very difficult many people sell their houses after these mishaps have been happened. Make sure you follow all the above tips and do it more professionally.

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