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How to promote your business on Instagram – In the past few years, social media sites have grown exponentially in popularity and have provided business owners and entrepreneurs with great opportunities for expansion. Instagram is a social media site that offers a creative, visual way of representing a person or entity.

It is especially useful for reaching and building relationships with customers across the globe to increase sales and profitability in a business.

Below you will find information regarding the ways by which you can get started with Instagram to enhance your business.

Getting Started

Your Instagram business journey starts with the quick and easy download of the Instagram app. Depending on what type of device you use, it can be downloaded either from or the Apple Store. Next up, focus on creating a profile that is interesting, informative, and discover-able. It all starts with biography and username.

For followers to find you on Instagram, they need to be able to recognize you. How to promote your business on Instagram, that’s why its important to use the same username, brand logo, and business information that you are already using on other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The biography section should describe your business and why you are using Instagram to enhance it. The bio section would be a good place to let potential followers know what your branded hashtags are.

Lastly, make your presence known to Instagram and other social media communities. This can be done by following other Instagram users in the same business industry as you and by promoting your Instagram business profile on other social media sites.

Create a Marketing Plan

How to promote your business on Instagram

The first step in creating a marketing plan for Instagram is to determine what exactly it is you are aiming to achieve by using Instagram for your business.

Define the goal, it’s likely that you are looking to drive traffic to your website to make more people aware of your business thus increasing sales.

Next, determine when and how often you will post to Instagram. This part will take some experimenting. You don’t want to post too often for fear of being obnoxious to followers, but you don’t want to post too seldom either. Try posting to your Instagram at different time intervals to see what is working best.

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When you are making your posts, it is important to remain interesting and consistent at the same time. Remain interesting by rotating through different themes from time to time. Perhaps mention contests or upcoming sales events. How to promote your business on Instagram to remain consistent, use the same branded hashtags, emoji s, and writing style that you always use.

Lastly, get involved with other Instagram users. This can be done by responding positively to posts on other Instagram profiles as well as to comments on your own profile.

Develop Your Instagram Brand

How to promote your business on Instagram

They key ingredient to successful Instagram brand development is consistency. Everything must be consistent always. To do this, you must decide upon what subject matter and photo style you are looking to use in each of your posts. This is also where you determine what your branded hashtags will be.

The whole point of being consistent in your posts is to allow followers to recognize you. Perhaps all photos you post will be taken using the same filter. Perhaps the same color scheme will be present in all your posts. Determine what will stand out most to your followers.

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In terms of deciding what your subject matter is, think about what your business is all about. If you run a health and nutrition business, photos are likely to involve supplements, healthy food, or people doing healthy activities. If your business relates to pets, it is likely that your photos will involve our cute, furry friends.

Using Instagram Ads

How to promote your business on Instagram

How to promote your business on Instagram – Another effective way to take your business to the next level is with Instagram advertisements. Take time to investigate the effectiveness of Instagram advertisements. While paper advertising is not yet a thing of the past, social media advertising and social media sites in general are increasing in popularity on a regular basis.

Instagram offers opportunities for photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, and story ads.

Photo and video ads are self-explanatory. They allow you to create a simple, visual representation of your product or brand and market it to your desired audience. Video ads on Instagram can be 30 seconds to 60 seconds long.

Carousel ads are slightly more complex. Carousel ads allow viewers to click through multiple photos, not just one. They also offer a feature called a “call to action” button. The button is to be clicked on by viewers who will then be taken to a website that further advertises and describes your product or service.

Also, complex, Instagram story ads present full-screen advertisements that are designed to make viewers feel especially involved and interactive with what is going on. Also self-explanatory, story ads tell a “story” about what is going on or what has been going on with the business.

It’s That Simple

As you can see, getting started with an Instagram profile to further develop your business is simple, straightforward, and only requires several hours a week to maintain. You will reach potential customers around the world and see your business grow before your very own eyes. You will run the successful business you’ve always dream of and be happy to call it your own. We hope this simple guide has helps you to use social media for your Business Success!

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