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How to Price a Fixer Upper Home

After leaving a home and it sitting  neglected for years, you may start to wonder how you could sell a fixer upper house like that.  It’s dilapidated. The walls are painted with graffiti.  Even the animals that had taken up residence are long gone.  Who would ever want it now?

How to Price a Fixer Upper Home

Where does the process start to give this home a new family. Selling your house fast There may have to be a small investment on your part in order for you to get the largest payoff when you sell House .

Things To Do To Sell Your Fixer Upper

  •  Invest in a home inspection by a qualified professional who can tell you the facts of everything you’re really dealing with. You’ll need to disclose this to potential buyers, but then everything is upfront, honest and on paper.

Get estimates of what the work will cost.  Again, data. This authenticates you.  A $500 investment could save you $25000 with the sale.

  • Visit a local contractors office with the repair list/house specs and get a rendering of what the home would look like completed.Use the renderings as a model for the future home so prospective buyers can envision it.  Slowly chip away at the bad image and replace it with inspiration for what could be.
  • Find pictures that are similar to what the rooms used to be only dressed, staged, beautiful. Look in magazines or if you happen to have an interior designer friend, take some photos.  Enlarge them and put them in those rooms when buyers come to see the property. This lets them see what potential there is for the home.
  • Fix the curb appeal.  Again, small investments. This is what welcomes buyers. The lawn, front porch, front door. Just a quick spruce up.
  • Highlight the positives throughout. No matter how bad a property is, there’s something nice, whether it be the view, nice layout, something.
  • Get it in front of cash buyers/Investors. They pursue properties like this on a regular basis.


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Too, research local home investor clubs. They generally have meetings monthly. Show up to one with information on your property and the rendering from the contractor.  It will be easy for them to see the profits that can be made with their investment, and it won’t be a hard To sell House

What seemed to be a daunting task at the beginning, can end up being loads of fun. You have the unique opportunity to take a damaged canvas and see the diamond that it will become through someone else’s eyes.

You’re helping to create a home for a family where there was just a lonely, empty, abandoned house that no-one cared about anymore.

This may become an addictive experience. Once may not be enough. When you see how rewarding it is to bring life back sell property, you may not be able to stop at just this sole effort.

We may find you out searching for more lost houses. This may become your calling, and well suited may we add.

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