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For some Americans, selling a house is indeed a complicated process. Most of the time, people are not only confused with the long step-by-step method of selling their houses; they also have little idea as to how make their houses look appealing for selling. Worry not, however, as here are some tips to make your beloved home look a lot more “budget-friendly” without losing the quality and the Price your house deserves.

Check your house paint colors

Yes, your paint colors for your house do matter.How to make your house look cheap when selling. When choosing the proper color scheme for your house walls, take into consideration that there are certain colors that add instant glamour, even when on a cheaper budget. Using bold and dramatic color hues, or simply the color black, will add the kind of elegance that you would normally want for your home. However, since you are planning on selling your Orlando house, it is better to choose the colors with soft, unassuming hues instead. On which exact color you want is up to you, as long as you keep it just light.

Check your windows

It is a given that for your home has to have all your windows fixed so you can sell it to your customers smoothly. After all, privacy is of paramount importance for any Potential buyer. However, since you plan on making it look cheaper than it is, it is better if your windows have bamboo shades or wooden blinds. When it comes to window treatments, you can opt to use polyester cotton and other man-made fabrics. Silk is elegant but expensive, so avoid placing it in your house as much as possible.

How To Make Your House Look Cheap When Selling

Check your lighting

Having a room with too much light can be a bit overwhelming. Make sure that in each room, your lighting is just right with the amount of space it covers. For instance, having only a lamp may make your living room too gloomy, but having a fluorescent bulb with high wattage can be just as punishing, especially in your bedrooms. If possible, ensure that your room has at least three sources of light for between the windows, the table, and the overhead area.

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Check the rugs in your rooms

How to make your house look cheap when selling. Using small rugs can upset the balance within your living room. Having a visually appealing living room with larger, neutral rugs can not only provide a cozier feeling for the buyer, but also a more expensive aura for the room. The goal is to make the living room have a more “wacky” and tight feeling to it, thus making it look cheap.

Check your furniture

One of the key elements in assessing a room’s cost is the amount of furniture within it. If you want your house to be as cheap as possible without losing its core price, you might want to get rid of unnecessary furniture. Just make sure that when doing so, your room retains the right mix and matching styles and fabrics to maintain its basic form and appeal when selling.


These are just some tips that can help you with give your house a cheap appeal while retaining its proper price tag. You should aim for providing the house with the minimalist aesthetics as possible, but ensure that every room’s function is still present. So go now, plan your do-over for a cheaper appeal, and sell your house.

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