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If you’re able to move into a new house, one of the many dilemmas that you might encounter as a homeowner would be whether to rent out your previous home or sell it.  If this is your problem, then you came to the right place.  The following paragraphs will give you ideas on which option would be better for you financially.

How to Choose Between Renting and Selling Your Old Home

Should i sell my house and rent to get out of debt

  • The Market Value

First, you would have to consider the market value of your home.  Ask yourself “Should i sell my house and rent to get out of debt”. You can find out more information about this by doing research on the current conditions of the real estate market nowadays.

By knowing the market value of your property, you would also be able to figure out how much rent you should ask for if in case you do decide to lease out the property.  The important thing here is to make sure that you are able to find out how much you can possibly earn from the property.

Contact appraisers and realtors to find out more information about the market value of properties in your country.


  • Your Prospects

Do more research on real estate so as to learn about your prospects if you decide to sell your property?  On the other hand, if you think leasing the property would cover much of your expenses for renovation, it would be better for you to rent out your property instead.

  • The Question of Debt

You should sell the property only if you are going to have extra cash left over to start a business of your own.  If you are going to sell the property to pay off debts, it would be better to just rent it out.

  • Patience

In addition to this, rent out your property only if you have the patience to deal with the tenants on a long-term basis.  If you feel that you can’t handle dealing with possibly problematic tenants in the future, then it would be better for you to just sell the property.

  • Property Location and Grade

In addition, you should try to consider the location of your house.  Can it be found in a high end neighborhood?  Is it an A-Grade property?  If your answer is yes, then it would be better to selling your Port st Lucie house because you will have greater chances of getting buyers with an A-Grade house for sure.

  • Weigh your Options

It is also important to remember that residential houses are exempt from having to pay the capital gains tax unless it starts generating income.  So if you want to do away with additional expenses and taxes, it would be best for you to just sell the property.

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Sell My House Fast Miami Fl

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However, if you really want to have a steady stream of monthly income, renting the house would be a better option.  Just make sure to renovate as much of the property as possible before entertaining possible tenants.


It is important to note that this particular dilemma is all about profit.  If, by doing your homework, you find out that you would be gaining more long-term profit by selling your house rather than renting it out or vice versa, then you should do what is best for you.What is important is that you are able to make good investments that will be beneficial to both you and the family in the future.

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