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Housing Trends – Are home sales up or down? Is now a good time to buy?

Dc Fawcett real estate – housing trends As time goes by, rapid changes are taking place in the real estate sector. You wander What to do before you sell your house?

These are changes that have to be appreciated and help us come up with the best decisions. These housing trends tend to affect the sales of homes and also notify people on when is the right time to buy homes. So it is very important for everyone to be vigilant with these housing trends. Below are some of the substantial trends that are occurring rather projected to take place:

  • Increased New Homes

Due to increased demand from buyers of homes. It calls for more additional construction of houses in order to meet the increasing demand. So with increased construction leads to putting up a lot of houses for sale. It might just seem the right time to buy a house. But those selling these houses, might decide to manipulate potential buyers by attaching high prices. This is because of the increased demands. When you find a real estate investor with good rates, it might just be the best time to buy a house.

  • Rising Rates

There is the issue of predicted rise in mortgage rates, thus making it difficult for prospective buyers to acquire a house. This might make home buyers miss out on their dream homes, which is so unfortunate.

So it calls for every prospective buyer to be prepared by setting aside finances to tackle this issue. This trend varies according to geographical locations but it has to be put into consideration always.

  • Continuous Rise of Medium-Sized Cities

Many people move to big cities in order to look for high paying jobs. This leads to increased population process and stress real estate markets. New construction of houses is almost impossible due to reduced space and also restrictions by the state government.

Due to this, a paradigm shift has been witnessed. People are now preferring medium-sized cities, though not advantageous like the big cities in terms of job opportunities but provide affordable housing.

Dc Fawcett real estate

Dc Fawcett real estate

  • Expensive new homes

There is an anticipation of shortage of labor in construction. It forces investors to pay high wages to the available labor. Consequently, it leads to increased production costs and thus in order to make substantial profits, the selling price has to be increased. With that,it is evident why new homes are expected be expensive. So this will affect the decision to buy or just rent a house. One has two weigh the two decisions and come up with a more lenient one and cost saving.

  • Credit

Banks may tend to give out more and fair mortgage credits to its people. This might be in a view of making more sales of this service. With this service readily available, it will be convenient for people to own homes. On the payment of those loans, banks will reap a lot of profits. This is a trend that has already taken its space in the real estate investment.


It is of great importance that buyers be informed of the trends in housing. With this information, it will be easier to know whether to buy a house or just rent. The most appropriate time to do so is always made clear to them. These trends enables one to know whether the sales are up or down. It is of great benefit to real estate investors who frequently have houses to put up for sales. Putting close attention to these changes is very crucial to them.

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