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Real Estate Investing Books

Real estate investment is very critical and one cannot enter blindly lest he incurs losses. For one to thrive in this business, knowledge is a pivotal and fundamental attribute. It takes knowledge for one to know the enough finances to be used in this investment and to know the recent trends in housing. Indeed knowledge is power and has to be looked for earnestly by any potential real estate investor. Below are the list of Best real estate investing books that any potential and a real estate investor must read:

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What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know about Cash Flow… And 36 Other Key Financial Measures

This is a very exciting and inspirational book to potential real estate investors. Reason being, it shows how to find capital besides an internal rate of return. It is packed with basic formulas that help readers on how to measure principal aspects of this investment. These aspects include, return on equity, net operating income, and cash on cash return, net present value and discounted cash flow. Besides, it provides innovative ideas that are very important to real estate investments. Also readers get to analysis potential investment properties. Basically, this is a very entertaining book that doesn’t beat around the bush. Every information on financial cash flow is made clear to you.

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Building Wealth One House at a Time by John Schaub

The author of this book John Schaub exhausts the following topics, financing, deal analysis, general principals and strategies, finding and negotiating deals, Legal and contracts and how to manage property. Those are fundamental topics for every real estate investor. One has to master them religiously. This book educates one on achieving financial independence, finding houses, renting and selling houses. Through this book, you will appreciate how real estate investment can generate a lot of cash. Indeed it is a must read book for every aspiring real estate investor.

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The Book on Flipping Houses by J Scott

This book explains on analyzing deals, negotiating deals, strategy, systems and processes for flip business. The author combines both the big and the small details making this book very comprehensive. Finding markets and forecasting on future market is a key factor in real estate investment. J Scott explains those factors in a very detailed way. Basically, this book is a great deal when it comes to flipping house business.

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Tax-Free Wealth by Tom Wheelwright, CPA

The author demystifies the issue on how to build massive wealth by permanently lowering your taxes. Tom is determined to make real estate investors understand the basic principles of taxes so that it does not shy them off from this investment. Precisely, the aim of this book is for readers to legally do away with all income taxes. Fortunately, one gets to protect real estate investment while paying lower taxes.

Every Landlord’s Legal Guide by Marcia Stewart, Ralph Warner and Janet Portman

This book deals with property management and legal and contracts. It helps out landlords concerning all the legal issues they face. Being very comprehensive, just tells you why it is a must read book. Apart from legal issues, potential liability for your property manager’s acts and how to handle subletting requests are also dealt with.

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Every successful real estate investor has to be knowledgeable. Knowledge does not come easily but through frequent reading. The books named above just tells you how it is very important to read. There are many other books that are of great use to potential real estate investors. For every striving real estate investor, reading and studying is very vital.

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