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Free Real Estate Advertising Websites

So you have decided that it is now time to get that property off your hands, maybe you want something new or just some cash in hand, that’s for you to know. All I am here to tell you today is just where you can free real estate advertising websites Your house to potential buyers, and for free! Yes, it’s not bad that you want to save a little cash on the real estate agent’s commission fee.

Advertise My House for Sale For Free

Before I jump right into the places where you can advertise your house, I first need to tell you what exactly you should be looking out for. Of most importance, the targeted traffic, I like dividing them into two categories, the shotguns, and the snipers. The shotguns are the advertising outlets that target a large varied market whereas, the snipers are more specific, in this case, mainly real estate markets.Now for your listing.

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Free real estate advertising websites

1. Craigslist.

I wouldn’t be your favorite wingman if I didn’t mention this spot to you. And just to mention, this is a shotgun outlet. This place literally receives millions of visitors per month. A great place if you want your house to come across lots of eyeballs, which of course should be your aim. But what makes it even more worth it, is that you can advertise your house on sale for free! All you need to do is access the website, post some images of the place and tag Google Maps and you should be good to go. No account needed!

2. FaceBook.

Now, who doesn’t know Facebook? It’s another shotgun outlet where you can advertise your house on sale for free to millions of potential buys out there. It’s not only about funny videos and pictures, a but a business can also be being conducted here too. Who says that the guy randomly looking at some memes couldn’t be your house’s buyer. This is the perfect place for a global or local listing. All you need to do is join the right groups and start advertising your house.

Don’t use lengthy descriptions, instead get some high-quality pictures and videos of your house to draw your buyer’s attention.


This is a sniper outlet that focuses more on the traffic’s quality than quantity. This website is specifically built for real estate people like you whether you are a buyer or seller. It comes with a good listing user design that pours out a lot of the description to your potential buyer. But what earns it its place among the best of places to advertise your house on sale is because it’s a free premium website! You can upload your house’s pictures, a two-minute video, tag it to a Bing map, but all this once you have created an account with them, for free!


Now, this is a sniper outlet for those who want a premium advertising window. And the good part? Is that it works for both the sale of the house by the owner or even if you are a real estate agent wanting to sell a client’s house you can do so here. And guess what? It’s free! All you need to do is create your free account nice and easy, upload some pics of your house and let your advertisement go live on air. They even allow for on-air editing of your advertisement and direct contact to buyers.


I just couldn’t wrap this up without mentioning these guys. They advertise specifically to the real estate target market. Apart from the basic advertisement options that you get for free, I would be mean if I didn’t mention their special MLS promotion. For a low fee, you can get your house listed with MLS without having to work out a deal with a real estate agent, meaning that you don’t get to pay anyone some commission. Apart from the good design, you get to upload your images, videos and tag a map. But to do all this you will still need to have an account.


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